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Cheap Prices for High Quality Durable Used and New Cars in Uganda

Get Cheap Prices for High Quality Durable Used and New Cars in Kampala, Uganda.


A common question in Uganda is what price to pay for a used car. For the new cars, the price is usually fixed. Bat Used Car Depot guarantees the most pocket friendly prices for every used car in our Kampala bond. How do we ensure the best prices for cars that are affordable by customers?


There is a streamlined procedure we have adopted to keep car prices as low as possible and to suit every car buyer’s budget. First we ensure we import high quality cars directly from source countries including Japan, United Kingdom and the United States and pay all the insurance and freight charges up to Uganda. As a large car importer, economies of scale allow ship cars at much lower costs.


Next, we ensure we pay all local duties on the car before it is transferred to our car bond. As a reputable car importer and dealer, our vehicles are cleared in an express manner. After clearance, the car buyer picks their car from our car bond without the interference of middlemen who usually inflate the price of cars in commission costs.


Our advice to car buyers regarding pricing is that compare prices across different bonds, but also consider the vehicle quality and condition. Locally driven cars may appear cheaper priced but end up being costly to maintain or overhaul. In the end due to the advantages of being a large importer of cars, we are able to bring the best quality used cars to Ugandan consumers – cars they will drive for decades to come, as many of our buyers will testify.


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