2010 Toyota Camry

Mileage Year Engine Trans. Fuel
2010 2,220 cc AT Gasoline/Petrol

2010 Toyota Camry for Sale in Kampala, Uganda

2010 Toyota Camry Sedan Features

AC / Airbag / Power Steering / Power Window / CD Player / AM/FM Radio / Jack / Spare Tire / Wheel Spanner / Keyless Entry / DVD Player – PLUS more

2010 Toyota Camry Price : 30 Million Shillings

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2010 Toyota Camry for Sale in Kampala, Uganda

This 2010 Toyota Camry has 5 doors and automatic transmission, along with a very low fuel consuming 2,200 cc petrol engine. It includes 5 seats, and is a locally used car with very low mileage.

The Toyota Camry is a world-famous model because of its style and power. It was introduced in 1980 as the Celica Camry with a front engine rear wheel drive system. By 1982, the model was exported with a new front engine front wheel drive system. Today, the Camry is produced in 8 countries and marketed in more than a hundred. It is powered by an inline-four engine with a continuously variable transmission (CVT transmission) from the 2011 model onwards, automatic transmission (AT) only up to 2011 model, and manual transmission (MT) up to the 1998 model. Choose between the Front or All wheel drive system.

Also starting in 2011, the Camry received many upgrades and changes including Japanese models’ specs becoming hybrid specifications. The fuel economy and performance improved greatly, with the Camry earning “Fuel efficiency standards for FY2010 Fuel Efficiency Standard + 25%” and Fiscal Year 2015 Fuel Efficiency Standards with exhaust emissions at a 75% reduction level in accordance with 2005 standards – the highest exhaust emission standard level in Japan.

In terms of safety, the omnidirectional compatibility body structure aids in cases of a possible collision with impact absorbing structure for the engine hood, fender, and cowl to alleviate the impact on the head and legs of a pedestrian as well as Injury reduction in the body. Whiplash injury mitigation is included in the front seat and a total of seven SRS airbag systems are included as standard equipment from 2011 onwards.

2010 Toyota Camry Price

The regular price of this 2010 Toyota Camry car in most car bonds in Kampala would be above 32 million Uganda shillings. Take advantage of Bat Used Car Depot great offer and buy this 2010 Toyota Camry at the discounted cheaper price of 30 million Uganda shillings today.


2010 Toyota Camry Features

AC / Airbag / Power Steering / Power Window / CD Player / AM/FM Radio / Jack / Spare Tire / Wheel Spanner / Keyless Entry

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Call now for free inspection, or schedule a test drive for the 2010 Toyota Camry car on 0701 618088. Visit our car bonds conveniently located in the city center on Plot 10 Lumumba Avenue and Plot 3-7 George Street, Nakasero for more hundreds of cars to select from.

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