Find high quality used and brand new popular Toyota cars, vans, trucks, pickups and mini bus models in Uganda on the Seal Group Motors online car depot. Visit our car bond in Kampala for free car inspection and test driving.

Because the long-term enjoyment of your vehicle should be a priority, Toyota quality ensures that their used cars have lasting durability at affordable prices, with broken parts easily replaced.

Hiace vans, designed to safely carry both things and people, are among Toyota’s top-selling used cars. For rough roads and large loads, Harriers and RAV4s are also quite popular. Finally, the Carina and the Sedan are unparallelled for an exciting driving experience.

Toyota trucks, most especially the very popular Dyna Truck, prove to be outstanding commercial vehicles if you are looking to jump-start your business, as they are very reliable, helping you to maintain a stable enterprise.

Toyota sedans such as the Corolla or Allion make for great family vehicles, and stay running for a long time. They are perfect for commuting to and from work, taking the children to school, etc.

Toyota’s line of hatchbacks proves to be among the most desired car types year after year. We recommend taking a look at the Vitz, Passo or IST. These three Toyota models are consistently among the top selling Toyota hatchbacks in Uganda.

For mini-van lovers, we suggest the Voxy and Noah. No matter which type of vehicle you choose, you can rely on Toyota quality.

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