Land Rover

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Land Rover is a British brand founded after the Second World War, thus their 4WDs were designed to run on desolate land after the war. In 1978 when the Land Rover had begun production and selling of Series III, BL, which was the parent company of Rover Motor, reorganized Land Rover as a subsidiary. Land Rover then survived as a model name, brand name, and subsidiary under the transition of parent companies such as Rover Group from 1986, British Aerospace from 1988 and BMW from 1994.

In the past Land Rover had called the car model, according to its wheelbase length, 88 · 109 etc. In 1986 Range Rover adopted a full-time transfer and coil suspension, and the wheel base was extended to 92.5 inches and 110 inches along with this, they were called 90 · 110 respectively. There were also 130 pickup trucks with longer wheelbases. Two kinds of engines were offered – diesel and gasoline and the structure with the aluminum body on the ladder frame has a low center of gravity and contributes to the stability of Land Rover vehicles.

Nowadays Land Rover is a very popular brand and has gained a great reputation worldwide. Some models we stock are Discovery, Freelander and Range Rover. Pick a Land Rover based on your lifestyle in our stock now!

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