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Know Your Car : Toyota Corolla overview, features and prices



Know your Toyota COROLLA – The Simple Car Consumer Guide for Uganda.

Toyota COROLLA Overview, Features and Price

Toyota Corolla History

The Toyota Corolla is a solid, used compact car choice, having built a reputation on its reliability and fuel economy. Released in 1966 and currently in its 11th generation, the Toyota Corolla had become the bestselling car worldwide by 1974 and has remained at the forefront ever since.

The Toyota Corolla’s size and responsive driving makes it a great car for urban exploring, and taking a family trip has never been easier with so much passenger and boot space. Newer models of the Toyota Corolla have a sporty, sleek look, with the same high-quality and dependable standards that made it so popular in the past. For those looking for a combination of practicality and plenty of fun on the road, this is the perfect used car.

Arguably Toyota’s most popular and well-known range of vehicles sold in more than 140 countries worldwide, the Toyota Corolla offers an impressive variety of features, body styles, and more to fit the needs of almost any driver.

Toyota Corolla Features

While this long-running series has evolved and expanded over the years to offer a number of exterior and interior components, most modern models offer features that include full automatic air conditioning, anti-lock braking system, wood paneling, and HID headlights.

Other Features of the Toyota Corolla include privacy glass, discharge headlamps, along with anti-theft systems in place for added security. As you can see, this wildly popular compact sedan is beloved by drivers around the world for many reasons.

Toyota Corolla Fuel Economy

With a used Toyota Corolla, you can expect a fuel economy rate of around 17.2 km/l, keeping you on the road for longer in between stops at the pump. The Corolla is offered as a 4-door standard, with engine displacements coming in 1.3L, 1.5L, and 1.8L options, with your choice of 4-speed automatic or 5-speed MT.


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