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Know Your Car : Toyota Corolla Fielder overview, features and prices



Know your Toyota Corolla Fielder – The Simple Car Consumer Guide for Uganda.

Toyota Corolla Fielder Overview, Features and Price

The Toyota Corolla Fielder is the station wagon version of Toyota’s bestselling nameplate. It features the same outstanding reliability of the traditional Corolla with the versatility of a wagon. Under the bonnet you will find a range of dependable, fuel efficient engines. It’s easy to see why Corolla is the most popular car in the world.

Toyota Corolla Fielder Features

The Corolla Fielder received some upgrades in the mid-late 2000s as most models came with in-built anti-theft system, ABS and brake assist with EBD, and windshield glass which cut UV rays.

Special and sporty editions were also introduced around this time with more features added like air conditioning with pollen remover mode, a rear spoiler with LED stop lamps and more.

By adopting the new concept of “Big Space Compact”, the Fielder also has a compact body size (as well as its cousin the Toyota Corolla Axio) of 60 mm shorter, 5 mm lower than the previous 4420 × 1695 × 1480 mm (total length × full width × total height). However, the rear knee space was enlarged by 40 mm, and the luggage space became longer by 90 mm, which improved usability unique to the wagon. In addition to the short nose, the silhouette of the long cabin, by expressing the momentum toward the rear by kicking up the back of the belt line, the three-dimensional construction of the cabin strengthened the inclination of the underbody. The Fielder also uses the company’s first plastic back door to reduce weight, contributing to the ease of opening and closing the back door.


Price of New and Used Toyota Corolla Fielder cars  in Kampala, Uganda

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Cheapest Price for a Used Toyota Corolla Fielder car: 15 Million Shillings

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A wagon, also referred to as a station wagon or estate car, combines the overall body-style of a sedan together with an elongated roof. This extended roof allows for an expanded cargo space paired with a liftable door, as well as seating that can be folded down or removed to provide additional space.







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