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Know Your Car : Toyota Blade overview, features and prices



Know your Toyota Blade car – The Simple Car Consumer Guide for Uganda.

Toyota Blade Overview, Features and Price

The Toyota Blade is the highest grade hatchback, as it is the premium version of the Auris. While it shares the same platform, the Blade features several upgrades over the Auris both in terms of performance and looks.

The exterior, including the head/taillights, is an assortment of sportier panels and accessories. The interior takes a similar approach with redesigned electric seats for better hold, suede dashboard, and center console accents as well as keyless ‘push-button start’.

The engine also received an upgrade with a 2400 cc 167ps unit powering the blade fed through a CVT gearbox to the FF or 4WD drivetrain.

The “luxury hatchback” theme of the Blade is incorporated in its base grade as well as its advanced “Blade G” grade. In 2007, the “Blade Master” and its advanced version “Blade Master G”, both FF only models, were released.

The advanced G grade has a CD changer with AM / FM radio and 6 speakers as well as genuine leather and Alcantara multi-adjustable power seats. The 3.5L Blade Master series uses a specially tuned suspension, large-diameter 16-inch disc brakes, and 17-inch tires and aluminum wheels.

There is also a Version L which is based on the advanced grade 2.4 L “Blade G” / 3.5 L “Blade Master G”, which offers full-leather seats and a full sense of luxury with its front seat heaters and power seats. In addition, the meter hood, upper box, door trim upper, door armrest, and more are trimmed with genuine leather, while the exterior is equipped with a super chrome plated aluminum wheel.

In addition to the interior’s suede accents, it boasts features such as full automatic air conditioning, optional rear fog lamps, brake assist system, and centralized door locking functions. For all Blade vehicles, a theft-prevention system, and dual, knee, side, and curtain shield airbags are standard safety features.


Price of New and Used Toyota Toyota Blade cars  in Kampala, Uganda

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Cheapest Price for a Used Toyota Blade car: 30 Million Shillings

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A hatchback is a small to medium sized vehicle with its body configuration including a liftable rear door that allows for quick access to the cargo space. Hatchback vehicles are generally characterised as including adaptable seating arrangements that can move and fold to accommodate for larger sized goods or baggage.







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