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Know Your Car – Toyota Alphard Features and Pricing


Know your Toyota Alphard Van – The Simple Car Consumer Guide for Uganda.

Toyota Alphard Overview, Features and Price

Luxury meets style with the Toyota Alphard. Its elegant exterior design defines beauty on the road. This flagship minivan comfortably seats 7-8 people, with enough room for luggage as well.

The interior has high-quality furnishing that brings style to a whole new level. The in-line 4-cylinder and V6 engine grants more than enough power even on a full load. The CVT(Continuosly Variable Transmission) and Automatic transmission provides a convenient and smooth ride.

Choose from the Two Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive layout depending on your needs. The Four Wheel Drive offers more acceleration and better turning on harsh terrain.

The Toyota Alphard is an elegant and sophisticated family van that pairs an impressive exterior design with equally impressive specs and added features. Some of these features include the van’s front mask with large, two-tiered headlamps, horizontal tone grills, and rear combination arranged LED lamps. Toyota’s first “roof spoiler retractable rear wiper” is also included in Alphard models.

In addition to standard add-ons, unique components that can be found across the Alphard series include adjustable interior LED lighting, a smart driver’s seat and side mirror preset system, and electronically-powered leg rests for the passenger seating.


Price of New and Used Toyota Alphard Vans and Mini Vans  in Kampala, Uganda

Compare the prices of used and new Toyota Alphard cars and related vehicles in our car bond. 

Cheapest Price for a Used Toyota Alphard car: 17 Million Shillings

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A minivan, or MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), is a more compact version of a typical van that is ordinarily used for transporting larger amounts of passengers. As opposed to a van, minivans are rarely used commercially, are fitted with passenger comfort in mind, and have similar handling and fuel economy to that of a regular car.







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